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Elica Nikola Telsa NT-RC 83cm 4 x Zones with Air Venting ( Built-in Extractor ) Induction Hob Black

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£ 1399.00
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  • 4 x Zone Induction Hob
  • 9 x Power Levels - Power Booster
  • Residual Heat Indicator
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Bridge Zone, Pot Detector
  • Stop And Go, 1 x Bridge Zone
  • Extraction type recirculation
  • Max Airflow 647m3/h

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The special Bridge Zones can work both individually or combined for a more homogeneous cooking using both baking pans and large pots. Thanks to this technology it is the hob surface that adapts itself to the type of pots being used. The hob can be used with three programmes (42, 74 or 92 degrees) to always ensure a perfect cooking. Temperature settings are optimized both for very delicate types of cooking.

The Elica induction hobs automatically detect the presence of pots on the cooking zones for cooking in total comfort. The absence of pots on the surface blocks the heating process, Excellent performance for models equipped with this plus. High fume capturing capacity with an aspiration range between 600 and 700 m3. With a noise level between 60-65 db(A) at maximum speed (reference point varies based on the hood category).

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