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Collect & Recycle Service


Free service to our customers, we can remove your old matching appliance (example washing machine for old washing machine) for recycling provided it is disconnected, clean, and ready for the driver at the time of delivery. Please talk to our staff for more information about this service.


Recycle & Remove your old kitchen appliances


Old appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens can be recycled rather than ending up in landfills. Many of these appliances are made of metals and plastics, which can be melted down and repurposed. Recycling kitchen appliances also conserves natural resources, such as oil and minerals, which are used to make new appliances. Additionally, recycling appliances helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are released during the manufacturing process of new appliances. By choosing to recycle kitchen appliances, we can reduce waste, conserve resources, and promote a more sustainable future.


For a small charge we can remove and recycle cooling products. Please talk to our staff for more information about this service. We charge £25 per cooling appliance.


  • Appliance(s) must be disconnected and ready for collection
  • Gas and dual fuel cookers should be disconnected by Gas Safe Register approved engineers.
  • Our delivery team will only accept clean and empty appliances.