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Bosch WDU28561GB Serie | 6, 10/6kg 1400rpm Freestanding Washer Dryer White

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  • Energy Efficiency Wash and Dry 'E'
  • Energy Efficiency Wash 'C'
  • Load Capacity Wash and Dry (kg) 6
  • Load Capacity Wash (kg) 10
  • Spin Speed (rpm) 1400
  • Reload Function
  • EcoSilence drive with 10 year warranty
  • AntiVibration Design - for more stability and quietness
  • Large LED-Display for programme status
  • Iron Assist and Wash & Dry 60
  • Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 848 x 598 x 654

Washer dryer with AutoDry technology: precise washing and drying results for all types of textiles. For up to 6 kg in one wash and dry load.

Wash-dry 10-6kg

Dries as good as it washes, up to 6 kg. all in one go.Not enough space for a dryer? Nevermind, the Bosch Washer Dryer with AutoDry dries as efficient as it washes. AutoDry automatically knows when your load is perfectly dry by constantly measuring the humidity to ensure precise and gentle drying. Fully adjusting Wash &Dry programs for each type of textile to deliver the best results every time. At last, the washer dryer for ready-to-wear results. Wash and dry up to 6kg all in one go or just washing up to 10 kg.

Wash up to 65% faster without compromising on results.

SpeedPerfect is a fuction especially developed for those situations when every second counts. With SpeedPerfect you can reduce your washing time by up to 65%* without compromising on results. It can be used in combination with most other programmes, all loads and textiles. For example, by selecting the mix programme in combination with SpeedPerfect, you can throughly wash up to 4 kilograms of mix load in just 41 minutes. (*Difference between the duration of the Easy Care Programme 40°C and the duration of the Easy Care Programme 40°C in combination with the SpeedPerfect option.)"

Steam treatment to remove creases or skip ironing altogether.

Reduce your ironing pile at the press of a button. These Bosch washer dryers feature a steam treatment setting designed to remove creases from dry garments and reduce the need for ironing. When the Iron Assist programme is selected, a natural mist permeates the warmed textile, visibly smoothing the laundry. This steam programme is also ideal for removing odours from garments which are not visibly dirty. Perfect for refreshing casual jackets, business shirts, woollen garments or even full suits.

Guaranteed to be long-lasting and extraordinarily quiet.

A loud washer-dryer can get very annoying. Especially when you want to have dinner in peace with your family. Bosch’s EcoSilence Drive is so quiet, that you could easily forget that your washer-dryer was on. The energy-efficient, brushless motor significantly reduces noise by minimising friction between moving parts. In addition, you also get an especially long life thanks to quality components and a 10-year warranty.

Efficient wash & dry in 1 go and in only 60 min.

Now you can thoroughly wash and dry a load in just one hour. This programme is suitable for lightly soiled clothes and for washing and drying heat resistant textiles, such as cottons or linen. Maximum load 1kg.

Gently dries laundry to exactly the degree of dryness you want.

With AutoDry sensor technology you can ensure gentle and precise drying results. AutoDry automatically knows when your load is perfectly dry by constantly measuring the humidity, protecting your clothes against overheatin

The best workout to wash & dry your sportswear.

Ideal for effectively and efficiently washing and drying sports textiles, such as microfibre, fleece and synthetics. These kinds of textiles don’t usually get heavily soiled other than with sweat, so often only a short wash and rinse cycle is necessary, resulting in a short programme duration. Sports clothes are often made of synthetic fibres, so can easily crease. The temperature in this programme is therefore reduced by introducing an additional rinse before spinning.

Special care for garments that can only be washed at low temperatures.

Add hot air before the washing cycle, then wash the clothes at 30°C. This maintains hygiene while reducing the use of high temperatures which causes unnecessary energy consumption and clothing damage.



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