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NEFF T48FD23X2 Induction Hob Black

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£ 789.00
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  • 5 x Zone Induction Hob
  • Boost Setting For All Zones
  • Variable 17-Stage Power Setting (each zone)
  • Digital Display of Cooking Levels
  • 2 Stage Residual Head Indicators
  • Current Options For 16A, 13A or 10A Connection
  • Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 51 x 802 x 522
  • Guarantee / warranty maybe subject to registration with the manufacturer.

Induction cooktop with TouchControl.

Combi Induction

Our induction hob with Combi Induction invites you to try out new heights. It can now easily handle your family dinner with the largest cookware because two of the cooking zones can be merged into a single large induction zone. And it’s all controlled with a single fingertip.

Power Move (2 zones)

Delegate your heat decisions! Power Move is happy to keep an eye on your dishes. Simply activate Power Move to divide your Flex Induction hob into two heat zones with high and low temperature areas: boil up in the front and keep warm at the far end. Push your pots to the preferred heat level and free your creativity for the next endeavour of inspiration.


Our induction hobs are as varied as our chefs. They have just one thing in common: Thanks to the intuitive operation of the TwistPad or TwistPadFire, there’s nothing to distract you from what really makes cooking worthwhile: the joy of experimentation.




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Neff Complimentary Induction Pan Set

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